Goodies Platters

photo of a platter neatly decorated with circular levels of goodies including famous Caramel Brownies, luscious Lemon Bars, marvelous marshmallow-topped fantastically delicious brownies and more from Laura's Browniesphoto of a platter decorated with circular bands of fantastically delicious Laura's Brownies.These platters are only for local pick up and delivery. To order, please call Laura directly at 310-454-6823, or email her at


Chocolate caramel brownies – $9.00 per dozen

Marshmallow brownies – $9.00 per dozen

Cinnamon chocolate chip biscotti– $9.00 per dozen

Luscious lemon bars – $7.50 per dozen

Apricot bars – $7.00 per dozen

Raspberry bars – $7.00 per dozen

Pecan bars – $8.00 per dozen

Chocolate chip cookies – $9.00 per dozen

Double chocolate cookies – $9.00 per dozen

Clear plastic platters – $5.00 each

Silver-look platters – $5.00 each

Holiday platters – $5.00 each

photo of snowflake pattern red plate or platterphoto of snowman illustration on red plate from Laura's Browniesphoto of illustrated Santa on green plate from Laura's Browniesphoto of Christmas ornament illustration with holly on plate from Laura's Browniesphoto of oval platter with Merry Christmas and holly from Laura's Brownies