"Zillions of requests inspired the L.A. caterer to take her over-the-top signature desserts online and deliver bite-size squares of layered brownie, caramel, and chocolate chips to your door..." – Daily Candy Seattle (click here to read full article)

"Laura's brownies are what we jokingly refer to as 'the crack cocaine of brownies' because once you have one, you are totally addicted and no others will do!! Seriously delicious and they come in gorgeous boxes or keepsake tins. They make such a great gift and you will most definitely be remembered by the lucky recipient." – Ken and Linda Howard

"The brownies and other treats were fantastic, delicious, beautiful and all gone:-) You were so right! People loved them. And I loved not only having them there, but just knowing before the event that the brownies would be there made me feel good. Thank you!" – Amy

"Dear Laura, What a wonderful surprise meeting you at the Post Office, then receiving such a huge basket of Laura’s Brownies. They were delicious! The rich chocolate with the surprising layer of caramel made them melt in my mouth, and I was tasting a little bit of heaven, yummy.

It was lovely to meet you, and I thank you for indulging me and letting me sample your goodies. I also noticed you deliver anywhere, so I look forward to sending them as gifts to my favorite chocolate lovers around the country. Best," – Maria Shriver

"I just received a box of your brownies. OMG they are decadent! I can see why you cut them small - they are so rich and chock full of chocolate goodness that anything bigger could spoil the moment!" – Jan

“Laura, You are an evil woman! The brownies are giving all of us at World News extra pounds that we could do without. But man are these good—and we thank you.” – Charlie (Charles Gibson, World News Tonight)

"I don't have a sweet tooth per say but I have a soft spot for Laura's Brownies. And it's not all that difficult to figure out as to why I crave these chocolate treats. These squared treats include a layer of caramel sandwiched between two layers of chocolate; they go great with a large glass of milk. I should also note that they taste great either at room temperature or frozen. To classify Laura's Brownies as "good" seems like an understatement of sorts. Let's just call these goodies "perfect" and end the discussion there." – Max in Los Angeles

"Thank you Laura--I'm sure you haven't heard the last from me. I am ALWAYS looking for new ideas to send people and yours is one of the best I've run across in a LONG time!

Keep up the good work--your treats are putting smiles on faces all over

the world!" – Debra in Illinois

"Thank you for the beautifully packaged brownies. I've delivered most of them by now and each person has commented about the pretty baglette (my word!). Oh, but wait until they taste the divine brownies!" – Susan in Pacific Palisades

"I received a tin of your brownies and they are fantastic...best sweet thing I HAVE EVER TASTED." – Nick

"Yum! These brownies and lemon squares are never going to make it to the 6th graders! They are FABULOUS!!! Thank you so much! – a happy customer in Michigan

"Laura, Thank you again for helping me out with my local order. My sister and I are sickly addicted to your brownies and love to gift them. I'm sure you will be seeing much more business from us this holiday season." – Vanessa in Santa Monica

"Your brownies were a HUGE hit! I could have had twice that many and they would have been all gone. Not a crumb left! Thanks for doing that for me on such short notice! Yummy!!!!" – Elaine in Pacific Palisades, CA

"Those were the best brownies EVER Laura…I shared with a few people and they all agreed.

Thanks!" – Michael Greenspan, www.EliminatePainNow.com

"...let me just say, if you have even the slightest interest in chocolate you will get hooked instantly! The brownies have a layer of caramel and chocolate chips in the middle and they make these brownies the perfect treat. I didn't want to stop eating them, but they were gone before I knew it. I seriously pondered overnighting another tin of these brownies...they were that good!" – Melinda Joy (read entire blog article)

"We are brownie lovers in my house and Laura’s Brownies did not disappoint. They were fabulous! The caramel filling is what really made these a decadent treat. And my 7 year old son was overjoyed that they didn’t have any nuts in them. Even my husband…who’s not big on caramel said ‘those are pretty damn good’. The brownies are rich and ooey-gooey and positively divine."

– Fairy Blog Mother (read entire blog article)

"The first time I tried Laura's Brownies, I was surprised by the gooey caramel layer. It added a texture to brownies that I'd never had before...but made me realize that I'd been missing out all my life. These are not those cakey, crumbly box brownies, but instead some of the densest, richest chocolate treats you'll ever have. Laura's other sweets are as amazingly delicious as her signature brownies. You must try the brownies at least once in this lifetime!" – Howard in Santa Monica

"These are not your everyday, okay brownies. They are scrumptiously rich, dense with dark chocolate & a gooey ribboned caramel center, & highly addictive! No nuts for those allergic folks:) Treat yourself &/or be gift special friends & family with this amazing offering! They are pricey & well worth it!!!! You can even order small party favor portions :) There are many fun tins & packaging to choose from. Frankly, you could substitute them for flowers. Present your performer, musician, actor, comic, or artisan friend with a tin at their next show, play, concert or opening. Feast on LAURA's BROWNIES & celebrate!!!" – JJ in Beverly Hills

"Last week, I received an email from Melinda Joy's blog that I was the lucky winner of a small tin of Laura's Brownies. Well, when I showed up at work this morning, there was my package from Laura. Let me just say they were delicious. I received the caramel brownies, which have a layer of both caramel and chocolate chips. Heavenly!! I gave one to an employee and she said they were the best brownies she has ever tasted. So head over to Laura's website and pick yourself up some brownies. She also sells biscotti which I would love to try." – Ladybug's Favorite Things Blog

Thank You from Afghanistan

"We just had our first Laura’s Brownies, and we must say, it was an exceptional experience! On behalf of our H-3 team here in Afghanistan, we thank you for sending these delights to us. We eagerly await the next batch!" – Regards, Steve W

"Thank you soooo much for the brownies! They are AMAZING! I really appreciate you assisting me on such short notice and meeting me to help ensure I got to work on time! He loved the brownies....Thanks again and I look forward to ordering from u again..." – Martine

"Da Best Brownies in The Whole Wide World" – Ken

"Laura, the brownies were delivered on schedule and were ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS! Thank you so much for caring so much and for your wonderful product!" – Susie in Tennessee

"Over the years I have searched for great Passover desserts. I have tried every Jewish Bakery and every other baking establishment that makes desserts for Passover. I have even gone so far as making my own! But by far and away, nothing has ever compared to LAURA’S CHOCOLATE MARSHMALLOW PASSOVER BROWNIES! They are delicious, yummy, and soft, not the usual hard, tasteless treats or overly chocolate flourless things one thinks of at Seder time. Laura’s Chocolate Marshmallow Brownies are the perfect way to end a Seder meal and or any meal for that matter! Wow!!" – Judy Borenstein, Santa Monica, California

"THIS is a recommendation for those bodacious brownies that Laura makes. They are unique & addicting. She ships them everywhere. Stuck on a gift? The heck with green! GO BROWN :) Her biscotti's no slouch either. Share her top secret brownies with your friends, family, & associates. Become a LAURA'S BROWNIE JUNKIE :)" – June in Hollywood

"Oh my goodness those are truly the best brownies I have ever tasted in my entire life... Yummm..." – Chandra at Timberline, OR


Your brownies are literally the most fabulous little bites of heaven I have ever been in touch with! I have shared them with all my favorite people and everyone agrees that they are simply the most divine!" – Meghan

"Thank you so much for helping me to send my friend a hug! Kim LOVED the brownies! It was perfect." – Erica in NY

"By the way, we got a call yesterday from one of the people we sent the brownies to and she was over the moon! She recently mentioned how much she loves chocolate and caramel, so I knew she would enjoy your brownies." – Michael in NY

"I want to say that the staff and I at Fred Segal Fun in Santa Monica absolutely love your brownies. I've personally never had anything like it before. It's a little piece of heaven! Our mouths water anytime you drop off just the edges. It's driving me crazy just thinking about them! Keep on putting smiles on people's faces, and our tummies satisfied!! You are wonderful!!!" – xoxo, Elke Ricablanca

"Who would ever know they stay fresh for a month! Like anyone keeps them around that long!" – Debi at the Motion Picture Association of America

"Thank you so much for the brownies. They arrived today and they are nothing short of fantastic! The caramel with the chocolate....mmmmm. Again thank you for thinking of me. I know what I will be eating for dessert tonight! – Christina at Boston International

"Your brownies are the best thing ever. My entire office has been raving about them for days...no one can quite get over how good they are... It's so true!" – Brad at Magnolia Pictures

“These brownies should be illegal.” – Benny in Los Angeles

“I just died and went to heaven eating your brownies along with everybody in the office. They are so decadent. Thanks.” – Tania at Bindi Dessert Service

“A box of your delicious brownies was sent to my office today. They’re fantastic! How much do they cost per box? What are your methods for receipt of payment? How long do you take to ship?" – Dani S in San Francisco, CA

“Your wonderful brownies were a hit with my friends. I talked to Christine yesterday and she was still literally raving about them.” – Linda M in Vicksburg, MI

“I was made aware of your amazing brownies when someone in my office was sent some. I need to know how I can order some for my friends." – Michael F. in Santa Monica, CA

“These are the best thing I have ever eaten in my entire life.” – Sue in Boca Raton, FL

"Omigod Jason that’s just crazy how good your mom’s brownies are. When the tin came we swept the Mrs. Field’s basket off the counter to make room. When we opened the brownie tin I thought what are we going to do with all those brownies? Five minutes later it’s--where did all those brownies go?" – Charles at an L.A. law firm